About Us


The Easy Home concept starts with a simple idea, providing easy to use products that are easily accessible and affordable to all. We value 4 key attributes that drive our business everyday function, quality, design and great value – and we do this always with -you, the customer in mind. These concepts exist in every fabric of our company from sourcing to shipping. Our goal is to help make Home Easy for all.

We Started 5 years ago in a little factory in California and ever since then we’ve continued to grow. We work hard every day to enrich the lives of consumers through great products and outstanding customer service. We do this by providing products that solve problems and address key human in every aspect of your home.

You’re our guest when you shop with us, so we promise to always make sure your shopping experience is the be the best you’ll ever have. We aim to be a place where you’ll will always find more than you expected.


-Thank you for being a part of growing community

Easy Home Essentials